abusive relationships don't exist

Abusive relationships don’t exist

Do you have any pet “hates”? I have heaps, let me tell you! The one that probably gets under my skin the most is when people talk about “abusive relationships.”  Abusive relationships aren’t real. They simply do not exist. Abusive relationships don’t exist? Am I saying that domestic violence doesn’t happen? No, quite the opposite. …

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What is domestic violence

What the flip is FDV?

As a society, we commonly understand family and domestic violence to be “wife beating”. Because of this misconception, we often scratch our heads and wonder, “why doesn’t she just leave?”, because we KNOW that if someone tried to beat us up, that’s what we’d do; we wouldn’t stand for it! We’d fight back or we’d …

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domestic violence resources

Top websites for learning about FDV in Australia

So you want to learn more about family and domestic violence? Here’s a round-up of the top national websites for learning about family and domestic violence, including info on why they’re useful. 1800RESPECT URL: http://www.1800respect.org.au/ What it is: 1-800-Respect is the National Sexual Assault, Domestic and Family Violence Counselling Service providing information and counselling both online and …

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sexual assault myths

Misperception Intervention: 12 Sexual Assault Myths You Need to Know

Now, I’m not saying unicorns aren’t real, but there are some myths out there that perpetuate toxic stereotypes and need to be dispelled ASAP (#rapemyths). Here’s 12. Let’s breakdown this bullshit. Myth #1: Most instances of sexual assault are perpetrated by strangers after dark, in secluded areas like alleys, carparks and footy ovals How awesome would it …

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no wrong doors

Is your door safe?

So, late last year I went to Scotland and Ireland for a holiday. Partly because I’ve always wanted to go and partly because I’m obsessed with Outlander the TV series! Anyways, Scotland is amazing; the scenery is breathtaking and I absolutely love the highlands and the Isle of Sky! Interestingly, another thing I was also …

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Get your thinking cap on: 16 Days of Activism are nearly here!

Hello Dear Reader! Guess what? The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Violence will be happening late November, so get excited! What? You haven’t heard of it? Never fear- I’ve got your back. What is it?  Well basically, the 16 Days of Activism is a world-wide campaign that connects two important UN observational Days: 25 November …

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learn about domestic violence

5 reasons why everyone should learn about domestic violence

I’m sure you’ve heard it before- “Violence against women is a GLOBAL social problem of EPIDEMIC proportions.”  But if it’s not something that’s happening within the scope of your life in some way, it can be easy to gloss over without understanding the true depth of the issue. Because why would I care about the score …

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