We connect and inspire everyday people to examine, challenge and change thinking, actions and systems that contribute to and sustain violence against women, to create a movement Towards Freedom.  

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Shift blame: Here you go @couriermail I fixed it for you.Sometimes it can be worth taking a moment to read back over what you've written and think about what it says. Just a thought. #FixedIthttps://t.co/OQpnRDkvc4 pic.twitter.com/mTEpSfFaET— Jane Gilmore (@JaneTribune) January 15, 2018   Just saw this on LinkedIn. I am… Read more

domestic violence myths

18 domestic violence myths you need to know

This misperception intervention is focussed on unpacking some top domestic violence myths: Domestic violence myth #1: She must have provoked him If being a woman is “provoking”, then yes- she “provoked” him. Nobody ever “deserves” abuse and no victim is ever responsible for their abuse. Domestic violence perpetrators make conscious… Read more

16 Days of Activism Social Media Toolkit

The 16 Days of Activism is a world-wide campaign that connects two important UN observational Days: 25 November (the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women) and 10 December (International Human Rights Day), thus cementing the ideology that women’s rights are human rights and that violence against women… Read more